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Ellen Davies, Founder

Hello! I’m Ellen and I’m so pleased you stopped by. I am a Yorkshire born and bred event planner with a love for creativity! It holds a special place in my heart, alongside: my dog, my horse, music, films and the great outdoors. I feel each of these passions help me become the best moment-maker and story-teller I can be.

Why I Plan Events?

When I create memorable and cherished experiences, I feel honoured to play such a special role in those moments. I’m dedicated to transforming your dream occasions into a reality. After all, it’s my ultimate wish to build meaningful and lasting relationships with the people I work with.

5 Random Facts About Me

  1. Very similarly to Laura, I have the most crazy dreams. I am always tired because despite getting the recommended amount of hours, I average about 10 dreams per night and remember them all which leaves me exhausted. They’re so weird and inexplicable though i just keep them to myself!
  2. My first job was in an ice cream parlour on a historic street in York. I gained repetitive strain injury in my wrist from too much scooping which caused me issues for years later.
  3. I am a total daydreamer and often when I do this, my thoughts have soundtracks…. I often wonder how you go about being the person who picks which song goes with particular scenes in movies or TV as I think I’d be great for that.
  4. I cry at applause like when people win awards for things or momentous occasions. Its really weird but I like to think I was a performer in a previous life and it’s tapping into something haha.
  5. I am allergic to oranges. No other citrus fruit. I’ve lost count of the amount of times my friends have ‘accidentally’ tried to poison me with orange juice based things.

Ellen Davies, Owner LND Events

Ellen’s Wedding Tip

“Try and stick together as much as possible all day. You’ve invested a lot of time, effort and finances into this big day so its important you share the memories as one and not have to try and recall it to each other separately the next day!”

Laura Spouse, Wedding Planner for LND Events

Laura Spouse, Wedding Planner

Hey! It’s so lovely to hear from you and I’m so excited about planning your big day. Just like Ellen, I’m a Yorkshire girl who absolutely loves horses – I promise neither of us are crazy though!

For those of you who don’t know me, my journey within the wedding and event industry began in 2011 where I worked in York’s leading 5 star hotel and then I went on to travel across the Globe running events for various clients on behalf of a multi-award winning International agency. So I believe, starting from the young age of 16 and learning the true 5 star way really rooted my foundations of striving for perfection, all whilst incorporating true Yorkshire charm!

So if you’re looking for an experienced Wedding Planner who is creative, professional, honest and calm – I’m the one for you!

Why I Plan Events?

I love everything about events, even the planning of all of the nitty gritty bits. But my favourite part overall about events is seeing the end result. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing people have the best time, seeing everyone reunite and share an experience. Knowing I put this together and made it happen, makes all the hard work worth it and that’s why I love working in events.

5 Random Facts About Me

  1. I competed against the South Korean Government to secure an event space in Seoul for a client doing an event for 800 people! And yes, it was stressful but I won the pitch and made my client very happy!
  2. I accidentally signed up to sponsor 11 donkeys for a year when I was 18. It cost me over £100 per month and I really couldn’t afford it! But hey, at least I did a good deed for a year!
  3. Most nights I have REALLY crazy and vivid dreams, mostly to do with events. This is where I think my quick problem solving and creative thinking skills come from because some dreams are like action movies!
  4. I can do a really good Pigeon impression, or so I’ve been told. Don’t ask how I found this out, I think I spoke back to a noisy Pigeon once on a morning and the rest is history!
  5. When I was around 10/11 years old, I fell asleep on a Li-Lo and drifted out to sea in the Canary Islands. I woke up around a mile away from the beach to see my mum frantically swimming after me, the coast guard speeding towards me on a boat and my dad jumping up and down on the sand as he can’t swim. Safe to say, I haven’t been allowed on a Li-Lo since and I’m nearly 27 years old!

Laura’s Wedding Tip

“It’s hard to choose just one tip but the one I have always stood by is to remember it is YOUR day. Don’t worry about trying to please everyone else, it’s your day to celebrate your love for each other so do what makes you both happy!”

Emily Russell, Wedding Planner

Hello! Having worked in theatre for 14 years I made the move into the wedding industry in 2021 and have never looked back. Nothing excites me more than talking about all things weddings and events! I am calm under pressure, personable, compassionate, an utter perfectionist, and incredibly passionate about what I do.

Why I Plan Events?

Weddings are a combination of everything that I love (Food, Fashion, Styling, Entertainment and Family) coming together to create one very special event!

I make it my mission to ensure that every couple I work with have the day of their absolute dreams. I love becoming an honorary bridesmaid for the day and building special relationships with my couples, as well as their friends and family. I was extremely fortunate on my wedding day to have an incredible co-ordinator and my whole journey from first venue viewing through to the wedding day itself was absolutely perfect. I now want to make sure all of my couples have the same experience, and hearing how overjoyed they are afterwards means the world to me.

5 Random Facts About Me

  1. Like Ellen and Laura, I love animals and used to ride a lot when I was younger. However, when I was 12 years old I had a horse riding accident which resulted in me breaking my right arm in three places and dislocating my elbow. 3 operations later I was left unable to twist/rotate my right wrist and therefore can’t accept change in my right hand when at the shops!
  2. I have danced professionally for over 15 years and have travelled the world performing, which has taken me to a whole array of countries, including Australia and South Africa.
  3. I did a skydive in Australia, jumping out of a plane at 15,000 feet, and didn’t tell anybody I was doing it! It was the most amazing experience ever but I was also absolutely terrified on the way up in the plane that I might die and nobody would know where I was! Luckily I survived to tell the tale and loved every second.
  4. I cannot sit still and find it almost impossible to stop moving my legs when I sit down at home, much to my husband’s annoyance! I am definitely more suited to being on my feet and being kept busy, which fits in nicely with running events!
  5. I get the salt and vinegar crisp sweats! Seriously! Only on my face… but as soon as I eat anything with lots of vinegar in it makes my nose and forehead sweat! What’s even weirder is it seems to be hereditary, as my brother and nephew both get it too

Emily Russell, Wedding Planner for LND Events

Emily’s Wedding Tip

“Remember what is important to you as a couple throughout the whole planning process. Think of your top 3-5 things that you really want and need from your wedding day. Then, when you inevitably get swept up in the world of Instagram and Pinterest and things can start to feel a little overwhelming, you can always come back to those elements and remind yourselves what is important to you.”

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