At LND Events, we’re here to support you each step-of-the-way. Please learn more about our service by reading the Q&As below. If any query is left unanswered, please do get in touch. We’d be excited to help.

A recent study showed that the most asked question in relation to wedding and event planning was ‘why is planning so stressful?” This made us really sad. It shouldn’t have to be but it is a full-time job, we should know because it’s ours! Do you have that much time to spare? Our guess is not so then on top of your normal busy life, it can get overwhelming.

Ellen has been in this industry for over ten years so she’s connected to all the right people and right things that are going to make your day fabulous. The team are responsible for all admin so you’re not dealing with an array of suppliers, you’re just dealing with one and we will be there to support you from start to finish.

If you’re looking for full planning support then we can work with you from the moment you’re engaged or the event becomes an idea. We can venue source and then work methodically through the process from start to finish. If you already have your venue then it’s best to book your planner as soon afterwards as possible so we can begin to talk about all the other exciting suppliers we can work with and how your occasion will look and feel at your chosen spot.

In terms of actual availability, it goes without saying that summer is our most popular time, so it’s rare (but not impossible) that we’ll have dates between June – September available in the same year of your enquiry (we open our books up to two years in advance). Full planning can be done in a short period but it’s usual to have a 6-month + time lead.

Coordinations can be taken on with as little as 8 weeks’ notice however again, our availability in summer to actually be able to do this, will be limited. Never let this put you off from enquiring though. If we can’t help, we can certainly try and recommend other planners who might be able to.

Yes, in fact, we insist on it! It’s so important we’re the right fit for each other so all our packages come with a non-obligation Zoom chat. These can be face-to-face at Ellen’s home studio if you prefer.

If you are enquiring about coordination’s, they are set at a fixed price with two variations depending on whether you are having your occasion in a venue supported by other staff or somewhere where all the responsibility is ours (such as a marquee).

If you are looking for support in fully planning your occasion, we work out a payment structure which is billed quarterly.

Anything bespoke that we can help you with will always be discussed and agreed in advance.

Yes. Mileage is currently billed at 45p per mile for distances further than 20 miles from our YO17 registered address. Accommodation is also requested when we are asked to travel further than 1.5 of this address. This is charged at £95 a night off-peak and £150 per night between May-September.

We will work wherever your heart desires! We are based in North Yorkshire and tend to concentrate our bookings between here and East Yorkshire but we are happy to travel, we just factor in mileage and accommodation costs for anything more than 1.5 hours away.

It depends on what package you are looking to work with us on. When it comes to coordinations, then of course you’ve picked all your suppliers. This is a fabulous opportunity for us, as planners, to note any new ones and see how they perform on the day (suppliers take note).

When it comes to full plans, we will only put forward tried and tested suppliers that we have worked with before unless there is something very unique that you want to include in your day that we might not have had the pleasure of trying before. On those occasions, we will always try and source someone that comes highly recommended from other trusted connections.

Of course, this is your wedding or event so if there is someone specific you also have in mind for your big occasion, we can chat this through in more detail but please, no aunts or uncles in charge of photo and video…. We’ve seen it in real life and it never ends well!

The answer is always yes as far as we’re concerned. Look we’re planners so of course we’re going to advocate for work but in all seriousness, we can work really well together.

There is a lot of crossover in our roles, so let’s try and explain. A planner is an umbrella term for someone who offers different packages to people who seek us out directly and LND Events offers coordination which won’t be too dissimilar to the coordination that a venue might offer.

Venues understandably have lots of bookings to deal with per year and what is included in your price with that venue will be a limited amount of support that the in-house coordinator can give you…. They’re only human and they’ll be methodically working through each couple that they have on their books based on date order.

Your occasion, of course, feels like one of the most important things you’ve ever invested in so there are times you might not feel you’re receiving the support you hoped for. That’s not the venue’s fault but that’s where it would be a good idea to directly ask your venue what level of support, you’ll receive so you can decide whether booking a private coordinator on top feels like the right investment for you.

You can see what we offer here (under Co-ordination).

When it comes to full plans, your venue is never going to offer this. We would personally never plan an event and not see it through to the end so on the day of your event, whilst there are tasks that we like to undertake that the venue coordinator might do too, just leave that to us to sort out. It’s all about communication and working well together and we’ve done it many a time at some of the most gorgeous staffed venues.