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Festival production, styling and more

LND Events loves nothing more than a great festival! Indeed volunteering for these amazing celebrations was my first taste of event management.

An extra pair of hands

I can cover:

  • Festival marketing including social media and local press
  • Booking traders
  • Organising acts
  • Working in production

With years of experience, I know what pitfalls to avoid and what really works.

Adding the magic

It doesn’t matter how impeccable your logistics are, or how thorough your Health and Safety paperwork. It don’t mean a thing if it ‘aint got that swing!

A great atmosphere means a great time, but also builds anticipation for repeat festivities and keeps your sponsors happy.

I can style and dress your event to make it truly memorable. The type that guests want to post on Instagram and reminisce about.

LND Events Festival Planner Stylist

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