Lauren and Stephen

“I cannot put into words what Ellen from LND Events did for me for my wedding but I’m going to try !

I went to primary school and high school with Ellen so although we hadn’t actually seen each other in over a decade I was a keen viewer of her work. It always struck me that she was amazing at making a wedding look so beautiful and personal and I joked that if I ever got married I would give her a call …I never expected to get married ! However when a surprise proposal happened – Ellen was the first person I contacted ! It was the BEST decision I ever made !

I had an idea in my head of what I wanted but did not have the knowledge nor the organisational skills to know where to start ! I also picked a venue that was a do it yourself venue which takes an exceptional amount of planning !

I was very certain from the start that I didn’t want our wedding to become a source of stress and essentially another full time job ! I went for the full package with Ellen Meaning she was with me from days after my engagement right up to the big day and even afterwards for the clean up ! When I got the pricing – I’ve got to admit , I thought it would be much more , I always thought wedding planners were something non celebrities and average families like ours couldn’t access but Ellen has made it accessible for all .

I was a 40 year old bride and had no knowledge of wedding suppliers , where to start , who to speak to , what the legal process was ….I was a 40 year old CLUELESS bride !

Ellen has endless knowledge and the best suppliers in her little white wedding planning book ! She sent me such a range of options for each individual element – I felt truly spoilt and without her , I honestly don’t know if I would have found the perfect suppliers for me so her contacts were so valuable and made my day exquisite . If I asked for something and Ellen wasn’t sure where to find it – within 24 hours she would have found it and sorted it ! My favourite catch phrase is “everything is possible”.

My wedding wasn’t a typical wedding , it was a Christmas wedding and as I talked through with Ellen what I wanted it to look like , Ellen just got it . She not only understood what I wanted but she created things that were way above what I had imagined could be done . There were so many different elements to my big day , there was a string quartet , games , a childminding crafting facility , games , Christmas wedding accessories set up everywhere , the most beautiful flower displays , three different caterers oh and let me not forget a full sized Victorian carousel 🎠! Plus children’s rides . Ellen was the one dealing with the sourcing , the site visits , the coordination , communicating with dozens of suppliers all at the same time ….all of this would have sent me to a dark room rocking with an inability to move !!! Ellen ? She didn’t break a sweat ….she made it look effortless.

As for the big day -I will never be able to describe or even fully fathom how she pulled everything together . From the tiniest of details to the largest installations she oversaw EVERYTHING !!! I recently got the wedding video back and I’ll be honest I cried when I saw my sons all lining up having their buttonholes put in …by Ellen …all whilst smiling and laughing with them ! The day went without a hitch ( no pun intended !) and I’ll never be able to thank her enough for what she did for me and my family . I will never be able to do justice at how much she created but take a look at the photos for a snapshot of her work .

I think it’s important to mention that Ellen didn’t just give me endless practical support – she was there for the endless emotional support . I would contact her and just say is everything going to be ok ? And she would respond warmly and compassionately that everything was going to be just fine . That support was priceless . Even when I finally went bridezilla 48 hours before the big day when new covid restrictions were being implemented with no real clarity on how that would affect weddings . Ellen was there at the end of the phone calming me down and reassuring me everything would be fine …and it really was .

Ellen is a perfectionist, she wants her clients vision to be brought into reality just as they imagined it . She is so client – centred which I think is so important with something as personal as a wedding .

I sadly had no parents at my wedding , I no longer had my mum to to look for reassurance . Ellen became my go to , whenever I had a wobble , she was there to catch me and guide me back to enjoying my day …as it should be !

Ellen got a personal message and an applause in my speech ….and my god ….she deserved it . Dozens of my guests have reported back to me that it was the best wedding they’d ever been to and how had I managed to pull it all off , I immediately highlighted …I didn’t ….Ellen did.

For those of you considering a wedding planner, I urge you to go for LND Events – you honestly won’t find a better person to hold your wedding in the palm of her hands and make it grow Into the most amazing beautiful day .

I will never be able to thank her enough – she gave a 40 year old first time bride the happiest day of my life ….and that is absolutely priceless”.

Sacha and Matt

“As a complete control freak I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to let go and relax on the day. Ellen allowed me to do just that and organised everything to perfection. It wouldn’t have been the same without her!”

Sarah W.

“Ellen took the stresses and worries away from an anxious bride. Ellen went above and beyond to make sure our wedding went smoothly, her calm approach to her work made her the best person to work with. Ellen clearly has passion for what she does and this shows in the beautiful weddings she coordinates (ours being one of them)!”

Anna and Diego

“Ellen was an absolute star on our wedding day — we had a couple issues with the venue and she got them ironed out straight away and had our backs the whole time. We were so grateful to Ellen as it would have been an entirely different experience had we not hired her!”

Gina and Daniel

“I didn’t know what I wanted, but somehow Ellen managed to get all of the information that she needed out of us (me) to create a stunning room for the wedding that was totally in line with my style and personality. She kept me so chill in the run up. On the day, everything was spot on, I loved every second of it and I didn’t have to worry about a thing. I’m sure it would have all been fine if I’d had to arrange everything on my own, but it wouldn’t have been the day that it was — thanks to Ellen”

Jen and Joe

“Ellen was unreal from start to finish. So professional and calm at a point when we’d had quite a lot of stress with chasing suppliers. She was fun, friendly and approachable and totally got on board with our less traditional wedding style which made us feel like she really understood what we wanted but that she was also looking forward to our day as much as we were! In addition to being completely cool she was also super organised and we trusted her 100% from the start. Two huge thumbs up!”

Paul & Kelly

“The help and support that wedding planner, Ellen, gave us was invaluable and just what we needed. Having someone there to bounce our ideas off and give impartial feedback was a great help – even when it came to choosing suits! Ellen is efficient and organised. Her friendly presence really helped us to relax and enjoy the day.

Ellen was also generous with her time and made herself available at all sorts of random times to answer any questions that we had. In the days before the wedding, knowing that Ellen was there to make sure that everything went according to plan was priceless.”

Matt & Domi

“We found it quite difficult to choose a wedding venue – we wanted something unique and rustic that we could make our own. However, we didn’t have the confidence or artistic flare to bring our ideas to life! When we found Barmbyfield Barns, we fell in love with this venue straight away as it had bags of character and was so rustic that we could do whatever we liked with it. We were however a little bit overwhelmed about decorating such a huge venue from scratch.

Fortunately for us, we were introduced to Ellen by the owner and immediately knew that it would all work. We straight away clicked with Ellen – we felt so comfortable in her company and she really seemed to “get” the musical theme we were visualising. Ellen helped us with everything, from thinking up ideas, sourcing materials, meeting with and coordinating suppliers, right through to decorating the barns and seamlessly coordinating everything on the big day!

Ellen already had a big network of contacts including all the kinds of suppliers we were looking for. She quickly introduced us to Fleur Adamo Floral Designs, the wood-fired Pizza Peddlers and Limelight Hire for lettered lights.

Although we had lots of ideas of our own, Ellen helped us to put all those ideas together so that everything worked with our theme. She provided tonnes of suggestions to tie everything together, creating a secret board on Pinterest where we could all share ideas. We had so many comments about how amazing the venue looked on the day! Ellen’s coordination on the big day was immaculate, with her working away subtly in the background to make sure that everything happened exactly as we’d planned. A massive thank you to Ellen, we can’t sing her praises enough!”

Sarah and Ed

“Without LND events we would never have found our dream venue! Nothing was too much hassle for Ellen she went above and beyond everything we asked for and exceeded our expectations in every way. Just knowing Ellen was always at the end of the phone took all the stress away from our big day. We couldn’t recommend LND events highly enough”.


“Ellen was excellent. Supported us significantly during the stressful lead-up to the wedding. On top of this on the day, I barely had to do anything. She organised suppliers and managed timings perfectly. She even doubled as the Taxi Rank official at the closing time, making sure that everybody left the wedding safely. Ellen was the first person at the venue and the last to leave. Would hire her again in a heartbeat. (But hope I never have to!!) She deserves some recognition for her hard work”.

Ella and Jamie

“Ellen was fantastic, there’s no way we could have pulled off our dream wedding without her. From day one Ellen went above and beyond, she met us for a no obligatory chat and immediately put us at complete ease. As a DIY bride, as soon as we got Ellen on board, stress levels went from 10 to 0. Ellen made our wedding intimate, special, stress free and just perfect. We held the whole thing in my mum’s field, so logistically it was a nightmare — but for me, my husband and family it was stress free”.

Louise and James

“Ellen was amazing, from start to finish nothing was too much and she helped make the day unbelievable! Would highly recommend! She is so lovely and felt like a friend rather than a supplier!”

Julie and Adrian

“Ellen was invaluable in the 6 months prior to our wedding. She was always available no matter what time of the day or night I contacted her. She managed to source exactly what I wanted for my gifts to our guests. Always with a smile and a calm word. A very level; caring lady who obviously wants her bride to have the best day possible. No job was too big or too small, managing all my suppliers in an excellent manner. They would all very happily work with her again. An absolute delight”.

Duncan & Jennie

“Thank you SO much for everything on the 25th and in the run-up. It was really important to me to organise everything myself, but I can’t begin to tell you how much it helped having you there on the day to put everything into action. I didn’t worry about a thing and it all went so smoothly so thank you :)”

Sarah & George

“Ellen played a huge part in bringing our wedding day together. She is professional and knowledgeable and helps to keep what can be a stressful day running smoothly.

We were holding our wedding on my parents’ farm, with all suppliers hired separately, Ellen co-ordinated everyone meaning myself, my husband and family didn’t have to worry about a thing and could just enjoy the day!
Ellen also helped with the finishing touches and made sure all styling was looking how it should at all times, an element that held much importance to us. I completely trusted her creative eye. From the initial meeting to the day itself communication was easy and I felt relaxed knowing that Ellen had everything in hand. I would advise any bride contemplating hiring Ellen to not hesitate, your day will be all the more special by doing so.”

Liz & David

“Ellen was an absolute star on our wedding day. Everything ran so smoothly and perfectly and it was down to Ellen and all her hard work.
She liaised with all our suppliers in the run up to the wedding and never stopped all day on the day. She was also so friendly, helpful and approachable. She took all the pressure off so we could just enjoy our day. We’d recommend her to anyone!”

Kelsie and Tom

“We were very lucky to have Ellen plan our engagement garden party, she was extremely organised which enabled us to enjoy both the planning process and the party itself stress free. The day itself was full of joy and laughter and our guests had an amazing time which allowed us to relax as well! None of this would have been possible without the event planning provided by LND Events. We would highly recommend using Ellen and her company and look forward to teaming up again in the future!”

John Drysdale, YO1 Festival Director

“Ellen became part of the YO1 events team during the early part 2012. Ellen quickly fitted into our way of working and was quick to show initiative and an ability to work well under pressure. A festival is a fast paced, high-pressure environment and is no place for the faint hearted.

Ellen adapted well and from her initial voluntary work position, she quickly became a valuable and integral part of the team.

In 2013 Ellen’s role increased to include the procurement and management of all the food concessions as well as taking her first steps into the media aspect of the event. She took on the responsibility of creating the event programme. Ellen also negotiated with sponsors and clients for adverts and content within the programme. She took to the challenge well and excelled once again.

By 2014 Ellen had reached the point of being part of the festival management team. Her roles included being media manager, concessions manager and art coordinator. She also gave support to the event director in the day to day running of the business.

Ellen now goes from strength to strength. She is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, focused individual. I for one would feel completely at ease knowing she was in charge of making my special day one to remember.”

Alexandra Anderson, Britain Does Vintage

“Ellen has worked with me at Britain Does Vintage for many years. She started when she was looking for work experience and has turned into a really great team member who we can call on whenever we need some extra hands.

Our business often works on a cash entry system so to have someone we trust implicitly is extremely important to the running of our events. Not only do I trust Ellen to ensure the event is set up correctly, to offer exceptional customer service to the businesses joining us on the day and to make sure the event runs smoothly – I also trust her to handle our cash – which is a huge issue for us when finding staff. The fact that we are confident to allow Ellen to handle all of this is a reflection on her bubbly, caring and reliable attitude.

Ellen came to me with no knowledge in the events industry and now runs many of our events – she is a quick learner, completely trustworthy and very creative.

I would 110% recommend Ellen to any businesses looking for extra hands, any business also in the wedding industry looking to work with an events planner AND all brides/grooms-to-be who need help and inspiration for their big day!

Ellen is a lovely superstar and I’m honoured to call her my friend.”