This magical wedding celebrated the love and partnership of Lauren and Steve, at Barmbyfield Barns (York). It was a festive spectacular, and it was such a delight to plan and produce. See the film (by Shutter Go Click Photography) below to witness the festivities…

Lots of Love…

“I cannot put into words what Ellen from LND Events did for me for my wedding but I’m going to try !

I went to primary school and high school with Ellen so although we hadn’t actually seen each other in over a decade I was a keen viewer of her work. It always struck me that she was amazing at making a wedding look so beautiful and personal and I joked that if I ever got married I would give her a call …I never expected to get married ! However when a surprise proposal happened – Ellen was the first person I contacted ! It was the BEST decision I ever made !

I had an idea in my head of what I wanted but did not have the knowledge nor the organisational skills to know where to start ! I also picked a venue that was a do it yourself venue which takes an exceptional amount of planning !

I was very certain from the start that I didn’t want our wedding to become a source of stress and essentially another full time job ! I went for the full package with Ellen Meaning she was with me from days after my engagement right up to the big day and even afterwards for the clean up ! When I got the pricing – I’ve got to admit , I thought it would be much more , I always thought wedding planners were something non celebrities and average families like ours couldn’t access but Ellen has made it accessible for all .

I was a 40 year old bride and had no knowledge of wedding suppliers , where to start , who to speak to , what the legal process was ….I was a 40 year old CLUELESS bride !

Ellen has endless knowledge and the best suppliers in her little white wedding planning book ! She sent me such a range of options for each individual element – I felt truly spoilt and without her , I honestly don’t know if I would have found the perfect suppliers for me so her contacts were so valuable and made my day exquisite . If I asked for something and Ellen wasn’t sure where to find it – within 24 hours she would have found it and sorted it ! My favourite catch phrase is “everything is possible”.

My wedding wasn’t a typical wedding , it was a Christmas wedding and as I talked through with Ellen what I wanted it to look like , Ellen just got it . She not only understood what I wanted but she created things that were way above what I had imagined could be done . There were so many different elements to my big day , there was a string quartet , games , a childminding crafting facility , games , Christmas wedding accessories set up everywhere , the most beautiful flower displays , three different caterers oh and let me not forget a full sized Victorian carousel 🎠! Plus children’s rides . Ellen was the one dealing with the sourcing , the site visits , the coordination , communicating with dozens of suppliers all at the same time ….all of this would have sent me to a dark room rocking with an inability to move !!! Ellen ? She didn’t break a sweat ….she made it look effortless.

As for the big day -I will never be able to describe or even fully fathom how she pulled everything together . From the tiniest of details to the largest installations she oversaw EVERYTHING !!! I recently got the wedding video back and I’ll be honest I cried when I saw my sons all lining up having their buttonholes put in …by Ellen …all whilst smiling and laughing with them ! The day went without a hitch ( no pun intended !) and I’ll never be able to thank her enough for what she did for me and my family . I will never be able to do justice at how much she created but take a look at the photos for a snapshot of her work .

I think it’s important to mention that Ellen didn’t just give me endless practical support – she was there for the endless emotional support . I would contact her and just say is everything going to be ok ? And she would respond warmly and compassionately that everything was going to be just fine . That support was priceless . Even when I finally went bridezilla 48 hours before the big day when new covid restrictions were being implemented with no real clarity on how that would affect weddings . Ellen was there at the end of the phone calming me down and reassuring me everything would be fine …and it really was .

Ellen is a perfectionist, she wants her clients vision to be brought into reality just as they imagined it . She is so client – centred which I think is so important with something as personal as a wedding .

I sadly had no parents at my wedding , I no longer had my mum to to look for reassurance . Ellen became my go to , whenever I had a wobble , she was there to catch me and guide me back to enjoying my day …as it should be !

Ellen got a personal message and an applause in my speech ….and my god ….she deserved it . Dozens of my guests have reported back to me that it was the best wedding they’d ever been to and how had I managed to pull it all off , I immediately highlighted …I didn’t ….Ellen did.

For those of you considering a wedding planner, I urge you to go for LND Events – you honestly won’t find a better person to hold your wedding in the palm of her hands and make it grow Into the most amazing beautiful day .

I will never be able to thank her enough – she gave a 40 year old first time bride the happiest day of my life ….and that is absolutely priceless”.

Lauren and Stephen