LND Loves.....Festivals

Tis' the season to don the wellies, spread the glitter and dust off (reality, hose off last year's mud from) the tent as this year's festivals are well underway.

I love festivals. So much so, I asked my now husband if our wedding could take that theme. I have had work featured twice by one of my favourite blog's Festival Brides and I am thrilled to be working on another photo shoot later this week which will once again take that style.

If however, you don't like the idea of mud, the great unwashed and sleeping in the most modest of accommodation then there are other ways you can bring the festival vibe to your occasion, whether that be wedding, party or corporate event.

Today's blog features expert hair and make up artist Alison Martin who I quizzed for tips as a bride, host or lover of real festival's, that you can recreate.

I had the pleasure of working with Alison back in January on a shoot which has just been featured by Magpie Weddings and she absolutely nailed the brief I gave her, so if you're looking to book someone for your big event, definitely give her a call.


Alison's 'light' look for our styled shoot
Alison's 'dark look' for our styled shoot







As a festival goer and a pro HMUA what are your must haves to pack in your make up bag?
Waterproof mascara - no one wants mascara running down their face if its a washout!
Dry Shampoo - Whoever invented dry shampoo needs a knighthood! Not only great for dealing with unwashed hair but it gives volume and texture too.
Vaseline - I use Vaseline for many things: lip balm, keeping brows in shape and dabbing on cheekbones for a dewy highlight. Also you can use it as an eye make-up remover.
As amazing as festivals are, they are a breeding ground for germs (I had my only but severe case of tonsillitis after Glastonbury 97’) How do you ensue you look after your skin when you’re camping in the middle of fields without proper facilities?
Make sure your hands are clean before applying make-up, a little bottle of hand sanitizer is perfect for these moments. Also you can pick up packs of bottles/pots from various shops to decant make-up into for travelling. These are good for festivals as you only take the amount of product you need and then can throw them away afterwards or wash and keep for when you next need them!
Also Avené Thermal spring water is a face mist that that's great for soothing and refreshing tired skin, it has anti inflammatory benefits too to help keep your skin in good condition.
Wet wipes also used to be a big festival saviour but in everyone’s bid to be more eco conscious they are moving away from using them. Do you have any other tips or tricks that replace their use?
Use your moisturiser to tissue off your make-up.
What’s your personal style for in the fields? Does it differ each year like fashion or is there a specific look you always stick to?
I'm a big fan of the boho vibe at festivals, I love using plaits to make my hair have style. You can mix it up if you're going for a few days: fishtail, boxer braids, plaits twisted into an updo. I always tend to go for a pop of colour on my lips.... a bright coral colour is my festival favourite, nice and summery!
Finally any quick look our followers could recreate that would look amazing for a festival lover?
Glitter is a great festival must have, I like to use a swatch of glitter across my eyelids, with a flick of eyeliner and mascara. If you aren't wanting to weigh your bag down with products think of products that can double up- many brands do a cream blush that works for cheeks and lips (my fave is Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge).
If you want to go full on festival chic many high street stores now sell stick on face gems!
Alison Martin in action
If this has whetted your appetite for buying the must haves for festival season, then Space NK are also highlighting a festival edit and if you would like your event to take a festival direction, then please do not hesitate to get in touch! 

LND Loves...... Buttercrumble

It seemed only fitting for my first LND Loves interview to be with the fantastic duo who have brought this whole new look and feel to my website.

As alluded to in the following conversation with the twins, I first met Abigail and Chloe when they were booked to illustrate at a VIP night of one of the events I was working on.

I joined a very long queue (due to demand) to get my own portrait done and I couldn’t have been happier with the completed picture. Having just had a baby and feeling very insecure about my looks, this was super flattering; more grown up than a cartoon but it had that cute sort of look to it that you couldn’t be disappointed by… so much so, I booked them both to come and illustrate all the guests at my daughters naming ceremony which went down an absolute treat.


Me and my little girl's illustration
April sitting beautifully for her illustration
April's illustration









At that point, I was already working hard to try and focus my ideal business client and I just knew I wanted Chloe and Abigail to help me push that visually, through their talents.

If you’re thinking about doing the same, hopefully this interview will give you more of an insight into Buttercrumble and whether they’re right for you either as a business or through their live illustration for an event.

Chloe, Abigail, thanks for chatting with me.

I am an only child so I am fascinated by the fact you are twins and can work together so well… I think if I had to work with any of my family, we may kill each other! As twins, do you naturally have the same skills or do each of you take a different angle in the business to offer a larger range of services just like a regular business partnership?

Similarly, to most siblings, it’s a love-hate relationship. We are the best-of-friends, but that doesn’t mean we always agree. We use the chemistry between us to our advantage by driving the business forward. Our competitiveness means we can continuously motivate each other. On the other hand, our skillsets are extremely similar, so we’re always open to collaboration to introduce a new and fresh perspective.

I first met you when you were live illustrating at an event. Is this where your skills first developed?

Ever since we can remember, we have loved to draw. Our imagination was sparked when we began to read as children. We’d often illustrate characters from our favourite books. Roald Dahl had to be our best-loved author!

Our first live illustration event was back in 2016 at Fred Aldous. This was the beginning of a new chapter for us as we realised that illustration could be utilised to create exciting experiences.

What is your favourite part of the job? Is it the same as the most rewarding part or does that differ?

Our favourite part of the job is seeing our designs utilised in the “real world”. Good design is not only aesthetic, but useful too. It serves a function and often that’s to communicate a message. If this messaging helps our clients express themselves to their audience, then we can pat ourselves on the back.

Confidence is the reward we’ve reaped. When we first started in business, we were shy and nervous. Although, there are still wobbly times, we have grown so much in self-assurance. There’s no more holding back because of a lack of belief.

If you can say, what has been the best event you’ve been asked to work at and why was it so great?

Our favourite experience was the Christmas tour we took part in for John Lewis in 2017. We visited eleven different stores across the UK over the course of two weeks. This was the first time we’d taken Buttercrumble on a road trip of this length! It was great because we met so many interesting and diverse characters. We illustrated over 320 customers in total and we’re pleased to be continuing our relationship with John Lewis and Partners.

You’ve worked with me to strengthen my brand and help me focus my ideal client. Do you have a particular sector you like to work with more either because you think it sounds fun or it is aesthetically nicer, which I imagine would be more pleasing to a business that is about making things look better? Do you try and make your brand appeal to them more?

We never want to lose our “joie de vivre”. We embrace playfulness within our designs which naturally appeals to young-at-heart brands. Therefore, we’ve worked with a lot of children’s brands such as Mini First Aid, Kid O Toys and Acorn and Pip (to name just a few). I feel this is because childhood is one of the most creative parts of your life. That's why we love to create young-spirited illustration and graphic design that gladdens the heart.

Overall, we do what we love with the people we love!

I wanted to work with you because I fell in love with your illustrations; they gave me a sense of being childlike but in an adult way…. I’m not sure that totally makes sense but that’s also how I feel. Sometimes I don’t want to grow up and I have a taste for a lot of ‘kiddie’ based products that spark nostalgia for me but I also accept that I am almost 40 so I don’t want to pretend to be something I’m not. You totally understood that brief. Are most of your clients after that same sort of essence? How would you explain your own style?

Thank you! It’s been a pleasure to work with LND Events because you’re a business that wants to enrich people’s lives with fun and unforgettable memories. There’s a real synergy between what we both do.

We try to remember that you can be the best or worst but avoid being boring. Life is serious enough, so let’s try and introduce creativity and spark the imagination. People are drawn to happiness, and brands that ooze a young-at-heart vibe are likeable.

If you'd like to get in touch with Buttercrumble, please click here to find out more about them and how they can help you.

LND Loves...... A welcome.

Welcome to the LND Loves page. Here you will find discussion about things and people I love within the industry I work in or within my personal life that help shape they way I work through style, trend and personality!

My website has been revamped by the lovely ladies at Buttercrumble…. watch this space for more on them.

As part of the changes, my past weddings, events and supporting business work such as styled shoots, are being talked about in the Memories section of the site so if you’re looking for inspiration for your own big occasion, that is a good place to look.

LND Loves started as a # on my Instagram. It is what it says on the tin; what I love, whether it be a thing such as a pair of bridal shoes, or a business who I think are absolutely smashing it and I want to share that with my own audience.

There’s only so much you can say on a social media post and they’re so easy to miss so I wanted to bring the concept onto my site to give you more of an insight into what I love and why.

Hopefully you’ll find some of it useful because, going forward I will be talking to businesses within the same industry who could perhaps help you with your event too, but at the very least, I hope it helps you get to know me a bit more and if you think we’re on the same page, get in touch and let’s work together!


Coming Soon

The LND Loves Journal is coming soon...

Beth's Hen Party

A few months ago, I was really lucky to have been passed a referral by a planner friend of mine who was already booked.

It was for a hen do planned at the bride’s house with a brief of 80’s/90’s sleepover party…so happy to have received this one!

The bride had asked for it all to be a surprise so I was liaising with the maid of honour – her sister, who was an absolute pleasure to discuss ideas with and totally trusted me to put in place all the styling details and activities I had in mind for them.

I need to say a big thank you to The Yorkshire Bartender who provided a cocktail master class, Rebel Cakes for providing a macaroon making master class and Homegrown Hospitality who provided the most amazing 80’s style buffet for the hens.

Also none of the day would have been captured so well if it weren’t for Kayti Peschke who kindly gave me permission to use these photos.

The funniest part of planning all of this was that it wasn’t until the maid of honour passed me all the hen’s names for some personalised sleep masks, that I realised I had actually shown the bride and her fiancé their venue and was helping them to co-ordinate their big day…more on that on another blog!

Helena and Michael

When clients book me to help them fully plan their big occasions, they become more than an acquaintance because I need to really get to know them; to know their style, likes and dislikes so when the wedding day is over, I go into slight mourning but by that point, we’ve usually become friends on social media so I can keep stalking them and seeing all their new exciting chapters in life, post the big ‘I Do’… I’m not a weirdo honestly; they do usually correspond back with me. 🙂

Helena and Michael have been no exception to this. I was first contacted by Helena 18 months prior to her big day. She had been given my details by her sister-in-law, who I used to work with in a previous life and I will be forever grateful for that referral as (I personally feel and hope she does too) we had the best 18 months planning time together.

Helena and Michael had already chosen the Tithe Barn in Poppleton for their reception venue. It wasn’t far from her parent’s house in her hometown of York but as she now lived with Michael in Germany, they felt a planner would be beneficial for the ability to source things more easily when being local to the venue as well as the time factor.

A lot of people do initially perceive planners as an unnecessary expense but I cannot stress (and hopefully all of my now married clients will agree) how much of an investment in time saving we are. Helena and Michael also perceived this as an important factor in hiring a planner as they both worked full time and had a toddler at home that (quite rightly so) took up their time outside of the workplace.

When chatting to the couple, the most obvious thing was how relaxed they wanted the day to be. It wasn’t about big frivolities or archaic traditions that they felt had to be undertaken to have a wedding day, it was simply about that day being the step into a married life.

Due to the nature of the venue and the nature of the couple, it seemed logical to look for relaxed but great quality suppliers to match. That started with the caterers. After some tempting choices, Field & Forage were picked to come and serve from their gorgeous horse trailer in the barn’s garden

After various discussions, on the day the couple went with pulled pork burritos, beef rolls and of course German Bratwurst. There was also the most amazing dessert table for afterwards with so many options and if that wasn’t enough, F&F created a yummy ‘cake’ of cheese for the couple to cut and add to the choices.

Coming from Germany, it made sense for Helena and Michael to stock up on a lot of booze via their ferry boarding at Calais so they really needed a bar service that could be flexible in allowing them to use their own alcohol where necessary and take advice on what would work elsewhere. This is where the Yorkshire Bartender works perfectly. Callum is fantastic at advising on the right quantities of drink per guest and interesting options to suit individuals themes or ideas, so whilst the couple supplied the wines and beers, Callum’s team mixed up some tasty cocktails for arrival drinks as well as taking care of the tea and coffees post meal.

When Helena told me about the style of the day and the lack of formalities, the first photographer I thought of was my friend Laura from Hip To Heart Photography She offers half day packages for couples which is such a useful feature for those that don’t want every single aspect covering but still understand how important it is to document such a significant occasion in some format. Luckily Helena and Michael agreed and also loved her work and actually ended up extending some of the hours as so many lovely things were planned. I thank Laura for allowing me to use these images below.

Styling was my job! People sometimes wonder what the difference between a stylist and a planner is when a lot of planners offer styling packages…. Well the usual one, and certainly in my own case is that as a planner, rather than holding all my own stock, I bring other people’s talents together to create a finished article.

In this case, I need to in turn, thank Helena because she is a truly creative person. She learned how to crochet to make everyone a bespoke favour and make her own personalised cake toppers. She also created the menus in English and German so no guests felt left out and put together a photomontage, which I projected onto big screen whilst the couples joint speech took place.

The couple’s chosen colour scheme were greens and blues so I ordered in corresponding linen to go on the tables and inject some fun into the rustic barn. I also suggested, with Helena and Michael both being scientists that their seating plan could be based on a periodic table with the guests either shaded in blue or green depending on which corresponding table they were seated at.

Florals and lighting also brought the barns to life. Through selection with the couple, Kathrine from Fleur Adamo  was hired to bring in her signature wild flower arrangements with various sized vases on each table, decoration around the projector, a huge arrangement in the welcome area and dressing of the rustic bar. I then hired festoon lighting from Fabulously Finished hung across the back wall to highlight the band and dance area.

The Tithe Barn has very specific rules in its operation, one of those being the fact that no amplified music can be played. This can be limiting but luckily Helena and Michael had a ceilidh in mind all along and The New Fox Band came highly recommended by the barns. Their pianist provided beautiful background music throughout the day and then the full band gathered to bring the evenings entertainment.

I must also thank Victoria Edwards Makeup and Emily Hawkes Hair for their fantastic communication and information, which ultimately resulted in Helena and some key people being made up for the day – of course, looking absolutely stunning all day.

I am so happy to have been a part of this whole occasion and couples like Helena and Michael are a constant reminder of how lucky I am to do my job.

Kirsty and Chris

If anyone had asked me in previous years whether weddings were still seasonal I would have disagreed. In 2016 and 17, I seemed to be busier over Autumn and Winter than any other time but this year has certainly felt like a crazy summer and as I sit and recover from my eighteenth event of the year so far, I hope you forgive me when I say that each wedding has begun to blur.

That is absolutely no slight on any of my couples. Their creativity and ability to make some of my most regular venues look different week on week, continues to impress me. So this is more a reflection on my overworked mind – but hey it pays the bills so I am definitely not complaining!

So when Kirsty and Chris’ photos arrived in my inbox a few weeks ago, it was such a pleasant surprise to refresh my memory with just how fun their day was. Oh and whilst we’re talking photographs, there’s nothing like overstepping the boundaries of social etiquette by telling the photographer how much you’re a fan girl of her, been dying to meet her and work with her forever… I mean I’m sure everyone loves a compliment but maybe I was a little bit heavy when it came in the first sentence of meeting her.

‘Her’ is Shelly or Toast of Leeds if we’re talking business and she was a big part in what made that day really fun for me. I’m sure you’ll agree the images are stunning and I am very grateful to have been allowed to share them on my site – with thanks of course to Kirsty and Chris too.

The weather can be hit and miss in May so the couple sensibly opted for an indoor ceremony just in case. I think if you plan that way, you can only be impressed if anything better happens and luckily for them, as the day remained dry and warm it meant post ceremony drinks and photos could happen outside whilst I and some very helpful ushers, changed the room around.

Kirsty and Chris’ styling was right up my street; touches of gold with lots of botanicals and herbs as centerpieces instead of florals. The room smelt amazing due the lavender, rosemary and thyme pots scattered around and the lovely couple left notes on each table, encouraging guests to help themselves to a pot to take home as a memory…wish I’d snuck one away when no one was looking 

The food and drink was taken care of by a friend of theirs who owns the Hungry Bear restaurant in Leeds. The switch from restaurant to external catering is a tough gig (as is vice versa) but all the guests were very happy and very full by the time the meal was over so watch this space for possible future gigs.

The best part about looking back on these images is the memory of smiling all day because of the upbeat vibe around the venue. I can only assume that it was brought on by the guests because of the VIP that was amongst them; Jeff.

Jeff became my best friend for the day. We hung out on the lawn, went for walks and bonded over dinner and just like the plants, I wish I’d snuck him home too. Before any rumours start, let me clarify that Jeff is Kirsty and Chris’ pooch and sadly I think there was too strong a mutual attachment between him and the couple given he even joined the speeches for some special mentions as well as gate crashed their intimate couples photos. Oh Jeff you little rebel!!

Saddle Rooms Photo Shoot

A bit like the good old buses analogy, I hadn’t done a styled shoot in ages and then two opportunities come along at once!

This one wasn’t going to be missed for sure because I was a huge fan of the stylist involved and had been dying to meet her for a while so was honoured to have been asked to be part of it.

Of course one of the best things about shoots is pulling together with all the suppliers involved and getting to also meet new people that you can’t wait to recommend and work with again.

The pictures for this are so stunning and the reason I’m keeping this blog brief is because I was thrilled to have been able to write up our experience to be featured in B.Loved blog which shows a lot more.

Here a snapshot of some of my favourite images all captured by Arabella Smith Fine Art Photography

Amy and Richard

Sometimes you just know. You know that when you meet a couple, even if it’s a year in advance, you’re going to have a great time with them and their big day.

Amy and Richard were one of those couples. As we sat on the sofa at Deighton Lodge back in 2017 and talked through their plans, I just got such a great vibe from them, I couldn’t wait for their day to arrive.

Roll onto May this year and said day was upon us. I popped down to the barns on the Friday, to go through their final plans and layout as its really helpful to me to visualize where suppliers are going and how to smoothly run certain aspects of the timeline based on where things are.

It was the first time I’d seen a couple plan out the tables the way these two had and I was very impressed with how pretty it looked. They made fantastic use of the barn’s space and I loved their colour injections and finishing touches.

The suppliers the couple had also chosen were a perfect fit and I’ll always have a soft spot for Hog and Apple given they did my own wedding food.

A huge thank you to the couple and to Craig from Mr & Mrs Wedding Photography for allowing me to use these pictures on my site. I think you’ll agree they are absolutely stunning but that is always helped when your couple is as fun as they were – it just shines through!

Barmbyfield Barns Styled Photo Shoot

In September 2017 I had the pleasure of meeting photographer Stewart Barker who wanted to organise one of his first photo shoots. Whilst he had all the pre-work in hand, he wanted me to make sure the day ran smoothly whilst he was busy actually taking the shots and he asked me to style it.

It was the first shoot I’d done in a while and I absolutely loved getting involved again alongside wonderful suppliers who made the most gorgeous products easy to put together.

We were all thrilled to have this shoot featured in Wedding Ideas Magazine – the article is featured below, but I have also included some of my personal favourites.

Mike and Katy's Wedding

At the beginning of 2017 I had an enquiry from a fantastic couple who were getting married at Barmbyfield Barns later that year.

When they had their meeting with me, they explained that the wedding was focusing around a cake they’d booked…by the Tattooed Bakers. With that name drop, I was practically begging them to work their day. I have been a super fan of their outstanding talent for so long, I couldn’t believe I might actually get a chance to meet them and see one of their creations up close and personal.

Luckily for me, I was booked and I did indeed get to meet the bakers and wow at the cake, which had been modeled on the couple but turned into skulls. It was a very near Halloween after all so rather apt!

That wasn’t the only cool thing though – far from it. The bride wore an awesome dip dye dress and an ultra cool custom leather jacket. She had a man of honour to walk down the aisle with her, the groom wore crazy but amazing custom shoes and there were so many personalised DIY touches that made the styling stand out from the usual barn style weddings I am part of.

The couple lucked out with their food too with Streetcleaver supplying the daytime food and the bride’s family putting on a mountain of evening food that had been thoughtfully (and very yummy) made.

With big thanks to Dan from Gingersnaps for being a pleasure to work alongside and for allowing me to use these photos.

Helen and Jonnie

I was super excited when Helen contacted me to co-ordinate her wedding day as she was my first international client…ok sadly (for me) she wasn’t planning on getting married over in Switzerland but its always a boost when the business name gets overseas.

Helen and Jonnie were in fact originally from Yorkshire so they had decided on Escrick Parkland for their wedding and were going for a festival theme for the day – my total soft spot having done the same for my own.

I popped down to site the day before the wedding and things were coming together nicely, including the weather. They had a fantastic glamping area so guests could make a weekend of it, complete with showers…spoilt or what?!

On the day, the ceremony, being led by humanist Andy Ison was held down in the woodland with the main reception taking part in a Papakata tipi overlooking the stunning vista of the private girls school in the distance.

Helen arrived in a baby blue VW campervan with her hair freshly dyed a vibrant pink and a bouquet made up of yellow roses. – I love a wedding with colour, however its done!

The weather continued to play a blinder which made for the most relaxed day and the ability to get some great shots all taken by the very talented Georgina Brewster who I’ve had the pleasure of working with before and loved seeing again.

As evening kicked in, I got to experience my first wedding open mic night due to the talented guests they had invited, and then onto a festival piñata full of energy boosting sweeties to ensure everyone could party into the night!

Chris and Laura Deighton Lodge

The owners of Deighton Lodge asked me whether I would become one of their dedicated co-ordinators and I was only too happy to oblige, as I love a good barn venue.

At this venue, on the day co-ordination comes as part of the package for couples who book there so couples are welcome to meet with me whenever they feel ready. By chance, Chris and Laura who live in London, happened to suggest a weekend, where I was actually visiting the capital so it was exciting to meet them somewhere new.

I helped them firm up their timeline but they were well underway with all their suppliers so all I had to do was wait.

The use of the barns was a brand new thing for this venue and whilst they are licensed to hold weddings in the garden, we all know the British weather cannot be relied upon so it was a nervous wait for me on the run up to the day in case the room would need several changes from ceremony to reception to night do. The couple however were extremely optimistic and had ploughed on with setting up the inside of the barns ready for the wedding breakfast. Luckily for us all, their gamble paid off and the sunshine came through, meaning they had the most beautiful ceremony outdoors – a huge rarity for me.

Canapes, fizz, photos and garden games all followed before heading into the barns where guests were wowed by the couple (and their army of helpers) had created a beauty of scenes.

Tables were based on different pig breeds with lovely gold miniature piggy’s as name places. I have to say I breathed a sigh of relief seeing it done so stylishly having just that week watched ‘don’t tell the bride’ where the groom had forced his fiancé to marry on a pig farm much to her horror…what a contrast!

Food was a beautiful indoor picnic supplied by Taste the Love with speeches and then cake cutting, which was made by Laura’s talented dad.

The music followed in the form of a Ceilidh which required all the tables packing away…cue the amazing army of helpers again. I have to say I’m normally apprehensive when couples tell me their ushers are going to help as, in my experience, by dinner time they’re well and truly enjoying the bar and not easy to organise….. I had to eat my words on this occasion as they were by far the most efficient, friendly and helpful bridal party I’ve ever worked alongside and I had to tell the couple to thank them for me quite a few times.

It was a total pleasure to work alongside Kieran Paul Photography for the day who has kindly supplied these images.

Sarah and Alistair Barmbyfield Barns

I first met Sarah and Alistair back in August 2016 when they were thinking about having a wedding co-ordinator for their big day. We hit it off really well and luckily they went ahead with booking me.

You will find how my on the day co-ordination works if you look at my services page, so this post covers their big day.

I love a couple who focus on keeping their guests entertained and this wedding did it with lots of yummy food – winner!

The couple got married at 1.30pm with drinks and canapés to follow whilst photos took place and guests happily mingled in the gorgeous sunshine.
The wedding breakfast which followed, was a huge BBQ feast from Hog Roast Yorkshire and then ice cream desserts by Truly Scrumptious.

After some crowd pleasing music by Clubclass entertainment, there was even more delicious food from The Pizza Guy  as well as the couples own wedding cake which was made by the ever talented Blush Cake Company.

I had such a laugh at this wedding, the couple were so much fun and I can safely say, it’s the most well fed I’ve ever been which goes down extremely well with me.

All photos were taken by Daniel Kluens.

Kayleigh & Omar

When I first met Kayleigh, I couldn’t be more flattered that she’d checked out my wedding pictures and loved my style…I knew we’d hit it off from then on.
Like me, Kayleigh and her fiancé Omar wanted to inject colour into their day which in my opinion, is a great contrast for a rustic barn. They were also including their precious dog in their celebrations – another total winner in my eyes.

Thankfully they wanted to go ahead and work with me to co-ordinate their day as well as hire my very own wedding lanterns to help with their theme so I was really excited for the big day to hurry up to see what they’d decided to do…and they really didn’t disappoint.

The tables were themed around significant landmarks to the couple that had been highlighted to guests through cleverly created personalised Penguin books.
In addition there were jewel coloured lanterns and vibrant flowers.
The cake was also colour matched to the day, as were other little touches around the barns.

When Kayleigh arrived, she looked so elegant with a really bold and beautiful bouquet but I’m (not) sorry to say that it was neither her nor Omar that stole the show but Dragon their aforementioned canine baby.

The day was filled with great suppliers which always makes it more fun to work.

The reception breakfast was created by Babaganoush with evening food being served via a train front!

There was a surprise for the guests in the form of the Beat Banditos who were as professional as they were hilarious and then onto ClubClass Entertainment to get everyone up and off their feet for the rest of the night.

The superb photos were taken by Mike Nowill, who has kindly let me use some of the images below.

It’s events like this one that make me feel honoured to be able to do my job.

Emily & Alex

Emily and I first met a good 12 years ago when I lived with a mutual friend of ours and I now have that said friend to thank for suggesting my services to Emily and Alex once they’d set their date.

Both Emily and Alex live in London but were getting married back in Emily’s hometown of York so distance planning can be difficult and that’s where I like to step in and help.

The couple had chosen the gorgeous venue The Normans which I was really excited to work at as I’d heard so many good things about the place. On the day, it really didn’t disappoint, with stunning cascading lights hanging from the ceremony barn, converted cow barns to relax in and a huge reception barn for entertaining in.

Emily and Alex also both work in the fashion industry so I always knew it was going to be a stylish event to be part of; from the table accessories, to the cake, the food choices to the lighting choices and of course the outfits! The guests all looked amazing but the showstoppers (quite rightly so) were Emily and Alex.

Emily wore Catherine Dean with a feather wrap by Jenny Packham and Alex had a made-to-measure tux by Richard James.

The couple tied the knot intimately in front of family in Emily’s village church before arriving at The Normans for a ceremony officiated by their friend; I love ceremonies like this as they’re so personal and can inject humour that all the guests can relate to.

Guests then bravely filed out into the rather chilly, foggy air but were very quickly warmed up by mulled wine refreshments and nearby heaters in between the professional photographs before being welcomed into the reception barn for a feast by Taste Cuisine.

The couple beat the record in my experience of speech length HOWEVER, they were some of the funniest ones I have ever heard and captivated everyone from start to finish so there were definitely no complaints.

It was then time to cut the cake and straight onto the first dance before guests filled the dance floor to party the night away.

My last task of the night was to make sure the evening food was in place, which was yummy pizza by The Pizza Peddlers who I’ve had the pleasure of working with before. They are such a treat when you want a nighttime feast to keep you going, or if like me, you want one for the drive home after clocking off!

Thank you Emily and Alex for letting me be a part of your big day and thank you to the talented Dylan Nolte for these pictures!

Jenna & Andrew

Having increased my wedding event quota this year, one thing I’ve definitely learnt is that you cannot plan your day around what you think the weather be like in that month.

May became a popular time due to the last few years being unseasonably warm but this year was a bit of a wash out…. summer actually was summer for once and if you expected September and October to cool off, you’d be wrong so when I turned up to work Jenna and Andrew’s day on the 8th October, I was so relieved for them and their guests that it turned out to be a beautifully sunny day.

I love working at the barns and on a warm day as the guests can really enjoy the outside space on offer and I really love watching photographers leading happy couples into the surrounding fields for a perfect sunset shot.

I first met Jenna and Andrew almost a year before their big day. They kindly took a risk in using me as I was planning to go on my own honeymoon just before their big day and I warned them I may be AWOL in contact up until the week of their wedding.

Whilst this may scare off some, we all made sure with the right organisation, everything I needed to know was in place before I went away and of course there was the fact that Jenna and Andrew both came across as super relaxed; I knew it would be ok!

This relaxed and happy attitude continued to shine through from when I met Jenna the night before the wedding to catch up (she was so excited but definitely showed no signs of stress) to their sunny colour scheme for the venue, their styling ideas and again with both of them on their day which I’m sure you’ll see in the images that the very talented Victoria Baker took.

Jenna and Andrew chose to style the venue using the yellows in the spectrum of Autumnal colours which worked really well at such a transitional time in seasons. These colours and same theme were used in the menus, seating plan and name cards and a friend very cleverly replicated the detail on these, to decorate the barns big blackboards.

The couple used Pink Ginger flowers to supply the bouquets, button holes and table flowers which became of my personal favourites; lots of succulents!

The flowers were also used to help decorate the cake which was very cleverly made by Andrew’s mum. Jenna herself makes cakes so no pressure to live up to her standard then! : )

As the day unfolded, there were so many added touches that made it great fun for all; the food was supplied by the Hog and Apple who I love working with, there was a photo booth which guests (especially the little ones) took full advantage of, pizza in the evening supplied by Pizza fella and music supplied by Clubclass entertainment.

One of my last tasks for the night was to take the guests outside to see Jenna and Andrew’s surprise – this had been kept a secret from guests all day. With the help of the ushers, we dished out sparklers to guests and then as they started making fun shapes in the dark, they were treated to a brilliant 5-minute firework display from the Fireworkers.

The whole day was an absolute pleasure to work and every time I think of it, I feel it could be summed up by a quote I once read by author Marianne Williamson; ‘Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves recognise how good things’.

Tori & Neil

I first met Tori a good eight or so years ago when we both worked together in the public sector. Tori and I were having a night out when she first met Neil and funnily we were doing the same when I met my now husband so it’s safe to say we have a lot of history!

Work demands and living in different cities meant we’d not been able to catch up as much as we would have liked so I was beyond thrilled when, shortly after she and Neil got engaged, they asked if I would take on their wedding through my full planning services.

Not only did I get to talk all things weddings but I got to do it with my good friend and be a part of her very special day.

Tori and Neil had already chosen Chris Seddon as their wedding photographer when they instructed me and whilst I’d not previously worked with him, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any future clients.

Chris and I helped Tori and Neil get their wedding blogged by So You’re Getting Married so if you click this link, you can read their story in more detail and see more of their day captured so well.

I know it’s easy to say, but genuinely this was one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever worked – not that I felt like I could call it work at all!

Liz & David

Back in July, I had the pleasure of co-ordinating Liz and David’s wedding at Barmbyfield Barns just outside Pocklington.

The venue is a complex of large blank barns, which allow couples to decorate to their own particular choice so it tends to attract people who are happy to roll up their sleeves and get very involved in the wedding planning process.

Whilst I have on occasion assisted some couples with the full planning process there, because of the set up, by far my most popular package is to run the day because, let’s face it, who wants to work their own wedding?!

I originally met Liz and David back in August 2015 when they were still in the earlier parts of their planning process and as part of my services, I helped them plot a timeline for the day based on their preferences and suppliers but it wasn’t until the day before their wedding, I got the first glimpse of seeing their ideas come to reality.

I popped up to the barns to go through the finishing touches and directions for the day and was thrilled with the efforts they’d put into bringing the barns into life. (You can see some details of this on my FB page) with beautiful flowers, big illuminated letters and well put together dining tables to name but a few things.

The couple got married at 2pm on a lovely sunny day. After the ceremony, guests filled out to be greeted with cocktails and popcorn – a great change to the usual and the popcorn cart was so cute!

After a few hours of mingling, it was time for the speeches followed by one of the best BBQ’s I’ve ever eaten (perks of the job). The guests took it in turns per table to go up and be served which can sometimes be challenging in execution but the caterers were speedy and the guests were so relaxed, it worked really well with nothing but compliments.

After dinner, the fabulous Four Shadows theatre kicked off the evening. I’ve had the pleasure of working with these guys on many occasion and they never disappoint but for some reason, the atmosphere on the day just made them sound better than I’ve ever heard before and I’m pretty sure all the guests would agree seeing as not one of them left the dance floor for the entire set.

Whilst the band took a break, Liz and David cut their amazing wedding cake which was made by Blush cakes. You can see a picture of this on my gallery images – it was too pretty not to share with you.

After a few hours it was back for some more yummy food, this time supplied by Liz and David themselves. There was a lovely buffet variety of cheeses, breads, scones, jams and chutneys which went down a treat.

Then it was time for the evening DJ and where I said my goodbyes to the newlyweds as they kicked off their heels and partied into the night.

The whole day was an absolute pleasure to work; from the lovely polite guests, to the fantastic suppliers and definitely because of the fact that Liz radiated happiness and beauty wherever she walked!

Images used for this blog credited to https://www.83weddings.co.uk

Sarah & George

I was very excited when I received the call from Sarah to ask if I could co-ordinate her wedding day, as she was getting married at home and her family home was a beautiful farm – I am always very envious of people who can get married on their own land, and on the day, Sarah had styled the marquee to perfection with bang on trend Flamingo accessories and lots of golds and greens.

I was also extremely envious of the baking hot weather Sarah and George managed to receive on their day, having got married myself only the fortnight before in torrential rain. It was in fact so hot, that at one point I opened all the marquee pannels and guests were still in need of more air……only one thing for it, move the party outside!!

With a beautiful backdrop of the Wolds to selfie with and lots of games to play with, Sarah and George had everything needed to keep the guests entertained until the sunset began to bring the cooler breeze back.

As I clocked off for the evening, I left the wedding party busting their moves to lots of orignal Greek music as part of George’s heritage – definitely one of the most fun dancefloors I’ve seen.

All photos by https://www.beechtreephotographs.com