Sacha and Matt, 10th August 2019

It’s always really exciting for me when I get invited to work at different locations and so when Sacha and Matt had decided to get married at Sacha’s dad’s farmhouse, I was thrilled to be asked if I could co-ordinate the day.

Our first meet up was at the house so I could see the layout and their plans for where things would happen on the day. The original house had been extended to a more modern barn style but everything flowed really nicely and good thought had been given about how to accommodate the guests should wet weather happen.

Banking on good weather, the ceremony was going to be outside the original house front, under a beautiful large tree, with a custom made arbour backdrop that the couple were having made. Their friend was going to conduct the ceremony and then the drinks reception would move to the side of the house before the wedding breakfast and evening reception again moving, this time to a marquee on the lawns.

When I came for a site visit the day before the wedding, Sacha had done an amazing job at styling the marquee. The couple had chosen a completely transparent structure, which can be a bit of a greenhouse but is breathtaking on an evening. There was green foliage running down the centre of the trestle tables with each table setting looking stunning and very thoughtful favours for guests in the guise of wooden spoons which had the couple’s illustration on one side and their wedding date on the other… when I first met the couple, I had no idea that Matt was actually a famous baker and it was only through a chat with their photographer that I found out, so this was a spot on gift!

On the day, unfortunately the weather forecast was looking against us and we kept having torrential downpours, which meant that having the ceremony outdoors was looking unlikely.

The indoor option was all set and ready but collectively we decided to push back the ceremony (the beauty of a non-legal one is that you can do things like that) another half hour because it had been Sacha’s dream to use outside.

The weather worsened and Sacha had come to terms with the fact it was going to be inside so I went round to start seating guests. Little did I know that her dad must have been a weather mystic because when I came back to collect her, he was pleading with her to not give up on her dream and give outside a go as he could see the rain stopping.

So back round I ran again and rushed the guests back outside to take their seats on bales of blanketed straw and Sacha could finally make her grand entrance.

The ceremony was brilliantly emotional and although the rain seemed to want to prove her dad wrong, by erupting into one massive downpour about five minutes from the end, it didn’t take anything away from the beauty of it all and rainy photos always lead to more fun shots anyway!

As I helped move chairs from what would have been the indoor ceremony area, guests gathered in there to shelter from the rain and have yummy canapés and fizz from Babaganoush whilst photos were being taken and catch ups were being had.

Finally with the weather playing ball, we managed to organise a fantastic group confetti shot, which then led into Sacha and Matt directing the way to the marquee.

Speeches and dining were intermingled with some fantastic slide shows and funny stories before moving on to what some might have argued was the talking point of the day… the cake!

If you’re a professional baker then only the best is really going to do for your wedding. Sacha let Matt take full control of this aspect and in turn he enlisted Phil Khoury, one of the top pastry chefs at Harrods.

Because the marquee was so hot, I had suggested (before I saw the masterpiece) that Phil just set the cake up in the house and we walk it across later… little did I know that it was going to take another few hours before the wedding to construct to perfection and it was SO delicate that walking it more than a few feet was not an option.

Phil has a whole Instagram story highlight dedicated to how he made this creation so I urge you to go and look (instagram @philkhoury).

The pressure was then on Kieran the photographer, to make sure he gave the cake cutting shots the justice they deserved. Added to this spectacular event in itself, the cake had indoor heavy-duty sparklers hidden in some of the tubes so several of us had to coordinate our lighting and then move quickly out the way. Luckily everything went to plan and guests were absolutely wowed.

The evening reception then took off with music from Just For Tonight and evening food served from a really cute little horse trailer by the Toastie Club.

Weddings like this just go to show that the weather can never ruin a special day and it was absolutely wonderful to bear witness to.

With thanks to Kieran Paul for allowing me to use the following images.

Lots of Love…

“As a complete control freak I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to let go and relax on the day. Ellen allowed me to do just that and organised everything to perfection. It wouldn’t have been the same without her!

Sacha and Matt