If anyone had asked me in previous years whether weddings were still seasonal I would have disagreed. In 2016 and 17, I seemed to be busier over Autumn and Winter than any other time but this year has certainly felt like a crazy summer and as I sit and recover from my eighteenth event of the year so far, I hope you forgive me when I say that each wedding has begun to blur.

That is absolutely no slight on any of my couples. Their creativity and ability to make some of my most regular venues look different week on week, continues to impress me. So this is more a reflection on my overworked mind – but hey it pays the bills so I am definitely not complaining!

So when Kirsty and Chris’ photos arrived in my inbox a few weeks ago, it was such a pleasant surprise to refresh my memory with just how fun their day was. Oh and whilst we’re talking photographs, there’s nothing like overstepping the boundaries of social etiquette by telling the photographer how much you’re a fan girl of her, been dying to meet her and work with her forever… I mean I’m sure everyone loves a compliment but maybe I was a little bit heavy when it came in the first sentence of meeting her.

‘Her’ is Shelly or Toast of Leeds if we’re talking business and she was a big part in what made that day really fun for me. I’m sure you’ll agree the images are stunning and I am very grateful to have been allowed to share them on my site – with thanks of course to Kirsty and Chris too.

The weather can be hit and miss in May so the couple sensibly opted for an indoor ceremony just in case. I think if you plan that way, you can only be impressed if anything better happens and luckily for them, as the day remained dry and warm it meant post ceremony drinks and photos could happen outside whilst I and some very helpful ushers, changed the room around.

Kirsty and Chris’ styling was right up my street; touches of gold with lots of botanicals and herbs as centerpieces instead of florals. The room smelt amazing due the lavender, rosemary and thyme pots scattered around and the lovely couple left notes on each table, encouraging guests to help themselves to a pot to take home as a memory…wish I’d snuck one away when no one was looking 

The food and drink was taken care of by a friend of theirs who owns the Hungry Bear restaurant in Leeds. The switch from restaurant to external catering is a tough gig (as is vice versa) but all the guests were very happy and very full by the time the meal was over so watch this space for possible future gigs.

The best part about looking back on these images is the memory of smiling all day because of the upbeat vibe around the venue. I can only assume that it was brought on by the guests because of the VIP that was amongst them; Jeff.

Jeff became my best friend for the day. We hung out on the lawn, went for walks and bonded over dinner and just like the plants, I wish I’d snuck him home too. Before any rumours start, let me clarify that Jeff is Kirsty and Chris’ pooch and sadly I think there was too strong a mutual attachment between him and the couple given he even joined the speeches for some special mentions as well as gate crashed their intimate couples photos. Oh Jeff you little rebel!!