Mark and Matt’s Wedding 8th August 2018

I met Mark and Matt for the first time, quite close to their chosen wedding date so by that point they’d sorted so much and looked so calm and collected, I thought my job was already done!

It therefore meant so much more to receive a thank you card which read, “both me and Mark would like to thank you so much for your support during our special day. We had an amazing day and this was down to you organising everyone including Mark and me! You were great”.

Their whole day was truly beautiful and ran smoothly but it was the ceremony that brought me to tears – something I thought I’d overcome but I was so emotional.

Mark and Matt both chose to walk to the aisle with their respective mums. It was originally going to be from separate locations where they’d meet in the middle of the aisle but Mark’s mum wasn’t up to a long walk so I managed to time it just right that they left from the house at Deighton Lodge and Matt and his mum left from the back of the bridal parlour.

Whenever it comes to ceremony time, you well and truly see the nerves kick into the brides and/or grooms and this often comes out in tears when they finally get to lay eyes on each other at the end of the aisle and when I see tears, I am also completely balling.

Both Mark and Matt looked so handsome in their custom suits as they sat and listed to Sharon Kent conducting their ceremony. We managed to do this in the garden and Kathrine from Fleur Adamo had beautifully decorated the pergoda framing them.

Here are some of the images I chose to share of their day, taken by Russ Ellis Photography.